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SyncroZap B Zapper

The SyncroZap Pulse Generator was built for the Self Health Resource Center beginning around 1993, and was the original Clark Zapper designed by Dr. Hulda Clark and her son Geoff Clark. The device was known as the B Zapper, and had a few modifications from the zapper schematic found in Hulda Clark's books. It's sleek design included a low battery light so one would know when to replace the 9 volt battery. The SyncroZap is one of the zappers Dr. Clark used in her research, but it is no longer in production.    

B-5 Zapper

When SyncroZap went out of production, Infinite Horizons Inc (IHI) sold B5 Zappers for about a year. Although the unit was very popular, all zapper businesses that involved any Clark family members are no longer in production. The SyncroZap and IHI units will be deeply missed, as they were the only zappers Dr. Clark used to do all her research and write her books.

A Zapper

Here is the most well known Clark Zapper on the market, known as the A Zapper. Produced by SyncroZap at first, and later by IHI, the A Zappers were the most popular zapper on the market because it was the zapper seen in all the illustrations in Dr. Clark's books and videos. The Timer Zappers had a timer that would go through the three 7 minute zapping sessions with a 21 minute break in between each session. These zappers became a thing of the past with the B Zappers, when Infinite Horizons Inc closed their doors in early June 2003. Notice the cool I'm a Zapper T-shirt!

Mini Zapper

The Mini Zapper was produced by SyncroZap for less than two years. Although they were a great compact design, they did not sell well. The M Zappers were an excellent travel zapper. Because it was a small item with Velcro wrist cuffs, the mini zappers did not set off airline security like bulky copper handles. Many people still ask for these zappers, but these units are now very rare.


The Auto-Zap has a timer that beeps at the beginning and end of each zapping session. Designed by a Canadian Electronics Engineer who believes that the Clark Protocol helped him win his battle with cancer. After getting well, he dedicated his energy to producing the Auto-Zap. Unit is built to put out 2500 Hz instead of Dr. Clark's suggested 30 kHz. This device has been discontinued as well, and has been replaced with a device called the 5 Minute Zapper.

Plate Zapping

In Hulda Clark's book, The Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual, there is a new kind of zapping called Plate-Zapping. Because all things have unique resonate frequencies, Dr. Clark started to experiment by placing slide samples of organs and tissues on capacitor plates attached to the positive end of a zapper. Her research states that she could selectively zap specific organs more effectively  in this manner. Click photo for more info.

Super Zapper De Luxe

David Amrein of the Dr. Clark Research Association inspired by Hulda Clark's pathogen frequency list decided to make a zapper that would have digital "smart keys" set to specific frequencies as outlined by Dr. Clark's frequency charts. The Super Zapper Deluxe can be used as a regular zapper, or one can purchase specific sets of "smart keys" in order to zap at a range of specific frequencies. The Super Zapper Deluxe has been discontinued, and replaced with a device called VariZapper.

SOTA Zapper

August 31, 2001: SOTA receives the first Canadian medical license for a Clark Zapper. Rated for over the counter sale for post operative and bacterial infection. The Canadian Health Protection Branch (HPB) has issued a Class II Medical Device License for the SOTA Zapper. The Zapper can be purchased without a Doctor's prescription. Also, the Medical Device License allows the Zapper to participate in clinical trials and other medical research. Update 2004: The Canadian license for the zapper has since been revoked due to reasons unknown... what could be going on here?

Pet Zapper

Here is the Pet Zapper Zap-Attach Harness that is no longer in production. The Harness had conductive spots built into the straps so that your dog or cat could zap. Many people have experimented with zapping their pets, but most just hold the handholds against their pet's skin after pushing the fur to the side. The Zapper Harness was difficult to get on, hard to make contact through fur, and it made your pet look like they just dropped out of a George Lucas film. Now people simply send the zapper signal through a North Pole Speaker and place it under their pet's bedding. Check out the Pet Zappicator here.

homemade hulda clark zapper

Here are a few homemade zappers built from the directions found in Dr. Hulda Clark's books. These zappers are built from parts bought at electronic suppliers such as Radio Shack or on line at For instructions to build your own Clark Zapper visit

homemade hulda clark zapper

This is a close-up of the zapper above. One can see that there are only a few parts, and building a basic zapper is quite easy. If soldering parts just isn't your thing, check out the Build A Zapper Video for easy step by step instructions on building a 30 kHz zapper or a 1000 Hz zappicator onto a breadboard which requires no soldering or previous electronic experience. Visit the web site at to watch the free step by step instruction videos and make a home made zapper along with the video.

Home Made Zapper

Another basic homemade zapper. This one is nicely contained inside a plastic project box. Making a zapper will cost about $40.00 in parts, and may take about 3 hours to put together. A great project for a school science fair. All the Radio Shack product numbers for each part are listed at Some of the parts may be hard to find, so order them at the website if you cannot find the electronic parts at your local Radio Shack dealer.

Zapper Kit

Here's a Zapper Kit that is very easy to build. It uses a breadboard so that one can just push the resistors and capacitors into the little holes. The board has a grid of letters and numbers so that you just follow the directions, and push the parts into place. These kits are very popular, because there is no soldering needed.
To view a FREE on line video on how to build a breadboard style zapper visit:

Godzilla Zapper

This homemade zapper wins the novelty award because it is built into a Japanese Godzilla toy. The zapper cables come out of each hand, and his eyes light up while the unit is on. You're really zapping in style when you have the energy of a giant radioactive lizard as the power source!

Kitchen Timer with Zapper

This is the coolest homemade zapper I've ever seen. It was built into an old kitchen timer. Notice how the electronics are sticking out of the back of the plastic timer. The timer was drilled for each electronic part, that was then carefully soldered and wired together inside the plastic housing of the timer. With the zapper built into a kitchen timer, the user would be able to easily know when the 7 or 21 minute cycle was over. Great design for a nifty one-of-a-kind item.

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